The Hottest Brazilian Facesitting Videos

Like a Little Spice With Your Ass? Try Brazilian Facesitting

Our Brazilian facesitting section features the hottest clips of fine Brazilian women smothering faces with their big bubble butts. Brazilian facesitting clips are notorious on the Internet for featuring a lot of girl-on-girl action and smothering. If you’re a facesitting fan, you’ve no doubt come across these clips of curvy Brazilian ladies dominating their subs by forcing their asses on their face and making them worship them. We’ve got the best Brazilian facesitting and Brazilian smother clips all chosen by true fans of those big juicy Brazilian asses that you crave. We’re warning you though, this section is extra hot!


The Taste From Behind

1 day ago372 0

Flavia Fox Farts in Kiki’s Mouth

5 days ago841 0

Lindsey Buried Under Joyce – Part 2

1 week ago2435 0

Under Paula’s Big Brazilian Butt

1 week ago611 0

Lindsey Buried Under Joyce – Part 1

1 week ago2615 1

Milly Farts on Darla

2 weeks ago422 0

Thais Facesitting Ellen

2 weeks ago562 0

Angela Farts on Melissa – Part 1

2 weeks ago522 0