Devi Butt Smashing Kaze Cartoon Art

Devi Butt Smashing Kaze Cartoon Art



  • RandyMC 3 years ago

    you have the permission to upload his drawings on those websites? the original creator is Kazecat.

    • Spot
      Spot 3 years ago

      I personally don’t think there’s an issue. As long as there’s no sales of these images being made here. Kazecat’s images are shared all over the internet. Seems to me like this would only get him more popularity.
      I love this guy’s art work, amazing stuff!

    • Anonymous
      Its All Facesitting 3 years ago

      Hey RandyMC,
      We try to grab what ever we can find on google’s image search and add it here. This way we centralize all possible facesitting art into one website. In our next major update (coming soon), there will be a “Original Author” section included on all posts. This section will link the photo or art back to the original Author, which in turn will give them a lot more fans and recognition. My guess is that there’s nothing more important to an author then more fans. And we want nothing less then to give all the credit to the original author.
      The original author, in this case Kazecat is also more then welcome to contact us to remove the post at any time. We will be more then happy to remove it.

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