Full Weight Facesitting Videos

Looking for Serious Facesitting? Check Out These Full Weight Facesitting Videos!

This is it – the ultimate facesitting experience: full weight facesitting. If you are looking for hot clips and videos of full weight facesitting our clips section is the place to be. We’re talking full on body weight on your face like you’ve never known it before. These doms sit entirely on their subs, putting their full weight on them, making them feel winded, breathless and out of control. You won’t know what hit you, but you are going to love every moment of it! We took expert care to compile only the best selection of full weight facesitting videos. We warn you though – this section is out-of-control hot.


Saran Wrapped and Crushed by BBW

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Sexy Maid Xenia

1 week ago371 0

Massive Red Cheeks

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Krusha and Thickalicious Shake the Room

2 weeks ago4185 0

Maya’s Outdoor Furniture

2 weeks ago481 0

Jen’s Happy Ending

2 weeks ago552 0

Brazilian BBW Lu Smothers Nadia

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