German Facesitting Videos

The Hottest German Facesitting and German Smother Videos on the Web

If you are looking for facesitting with a European flavour, you’ve come to the right place! German facesitting is the place to be. German women are known around the world for being gorgeous and strong, and for having some seriously hot asses. These lovely German goddesses don’t beat around the bush either, they really let their subs know who is boss! After you see these videos, you will want to go to Germany for sure! We’ve got the best collection of German facesitting to make your head spin and leave you feeling winded and breathless.


Miss Mandy Smother Box Facesitting

6 days ago522 0

Alexia Smothers in a Blue Jumpsuit

1 week ago322 0

Jasmina Smothers in Pink

1 week ago491 0

Sexy Maid Xenia

1 week ago371 0

Jasmina’s Makeup Chair

2 weeks ago781 0

Barbarella Jean Sitting on Ottoman

2 weeks ago405 0

Maya’s Outdoor Furniture

2 weeks ago481 0

Under Jean’s Snake Print Leggings

2 weeks ago393 0

Lena Smothers in the Garden

3 weeks ago876 0

Schoolgirl Darkwing Zero

3 weeks ago642 1