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Jeans do make a big ass look good, especially when they are sitting on our face! These sexy goddesses give their subs a facesitting to remember while wearing hot and sexy jeans. Maybe you like the way a big ass looks in tight jeans, or maybe you have a craving to feel some rough jean material pressed upon your face while you gasp for air?  Whatever your reason, our selection of jeans facesitting has you covered. Watch these goddesses have fun while they rub their jean covered asses all over the faces of their subs, making them winded and breathless. If you are looking for jeans facesitting, this is the place to be. We have the best collection of jeans facesitting videos on clips on the web – you won’t have to go anywhere else!


Renate Bench Facesitting in Jeans

3 weeks ago533 0

Arielle Jeans Sitting on Tanning Chair

3 weeks ago1381 0

Eli Rides in Jeans

1 month ago1161 0

Eli The Riding Super Girl

2 months ago1062 0

Eli Rides in Black Jean Shorts

2 months ago1022 0

Lady Shina Jeans Sitting – Part 2

2 months ago1062 0

Lady Shina Jeans Sitting – Part 1

2 months ago1262 0

Mistress Katja Jeans Sitting

3 months ago854 0

Jeanette Jeans Sitting

3 months ago963 0

Kathrin’s Full Weight Throat Sitting

4 months ago1642 0