Latex Facesitting Videos

The Hottest Latex Facesitting Videos on the Internet

Is there anything hotter than a latex covered ass sitting on someone’s face? Do we even have to ask? If you are looking for facesitting with a fetish vibe you’ve come to the right place with our hot collection of latex facesitting videos and clips. We have every colour of latex and every size of ass for your viewing pleasure. Maybe you like the way red latex makes a goddesses’ ass look, or maybe you like the way it feels as she rocks back and forth on your face making it hard to breathe and leaving you breathless. Whatever your reason, we’ve got the video to satisfy your latex facesitting desires.


Kim In Latex And Pantyhose

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Miss Jessica Smother Box Facesitting

1 month ago1754 0

Learning The Alphabet With Lady Joanne

1 month ago1386 0
Little Slave Suffers

Little Slave Suffers

3 months ago2265 0
Latex Bodysuit Facesitting Knockout

Latex Bodysuit Facesitting Knockout

4 months ago7006 0
Facesitting in Purple Latex Pants

Facesitting in Purple Latex Pants

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