Leather Facesitting Videos

Love a Goddess in Leather? You will love Leather Facesitting

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any hotter, along comes a goddess dressed in leather, ready to do some serious facesitting. Leather facesitting might be the best that facesitting has to offer! With their hard leather, these goddesses sit on the faces of their subs and rock back and forth, controlling their breathing of their subs with their hot leather-clad ass. These ladies don’t care if the leather hurts the skin of their subs or if it makes it harder for them to breathe, they are just there to have fun and sit on some faces. These videos are hardcore, only serious facesitting fans need apply. If you are looking for leather facesitting, our collection of videos is for you. You won’t be disappointed!


Madame Mysteria Bench Facesitting

3 months ago1133 0

Teacher’s Break

4 months ago1703 0

Jill Diamond Smothers in Leather

4 months ago1745 0

Delilah’s Bossy Facesitting

7 months ago4006 0

Samantha’s Face Crushing Coffee Break

9 months ago4107 0

Emma Facesitting in Red Leather Lingerie

10 months ago3173 0