Ottoman Facesitting Videos

The Best Collection of Ottoman Facesitting Clips and Videos

Real full-weight facesitting is here in our collection of ottoman facesitting videos and clips. Watch as these goddesses press their full weight down on their subs, leaving them gasping and breathless. Let’s hope these ottomans can take the weight!  Next time you see a nice ottoman in someone’s living room, you will want to do more than just put your feet up on it! Damn – now that’s a living room piece! We have the definitive collection of ottoman facesitting videos and clips, carefully selected for true fans. Sit back, relax and enjoy the fun!


Saran Wrapped and Crushed by BBW

3 days ago1346363 0

Massive Red Cheeks

5 days ago1531 0

Barbarella Jean Sitting on Ottoman

1 week ago385 0

Worshipping Kim’s Fat Ass

2 weeks ago2312 1

Leggings Pantyhose and Butt Drops

1 month ago3104 0

Failed to be Kim’s Seat

2 months ago5074 0