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If you are looking for smother box facesitting, you’ll find it in this video category. Smother box facesitting is the ultimate in facesitting fetish. Watch as these goddesses dominate their subs in their specially made boxes just for smothering and facesitting! Now that’s furniture we can get behind. These videos are for the ultimate fan, and what’s more, we have videos of BBW, farting, strap-on and more in our smother box collection. These smother boxes are perfectly made for the ultimate facesitting experience, and we know you will enjoy the best that facesitting has to offer. In this section, we hand-picked the best of smother box facesitting videos and clips for the true fan. Enjoy!


Mistress Claire Smother Box Facesitting

3 weeks ago8642 0

Reese Smother Box Facesitting in Lingerie

2 months ago14151 0

Smother Box Facesitting in Jean Shorts

3 months ago19125 0

Smother Box Applicant Under Jasmine Mendez

3 months ago54506 0

The Perfect Office Chair

3 months ago16614 0

Svenja Smother Box Facesitting

3 months ago13912 0

Nikki’s Smother Box Hell

3 months ago21923 0

Chloe’s Smother Box Facesitting

3 months ago20413 0

Smother Box Project Featuring Petra

4 months ago24215 0