Update 5 – Server Speed and Performance Tweaks

Update 5 - Server Speed and Performance Tweaks


  • New “Videos” tab added to all profile pages. All registered users who share videos will now have a list of shared videos displaying on their profile page. If you haven’t shared a video yet, now would be the best time. Pimp out your profile and share!User Profile Shared Videos Tab
  • Added new menu items such as “Animation” under Videos and “POV” under Photos. Not much content available yet but we will focus primarily on growing those sections. We will also be adding “POV” under Videos as well.



  • We made huge improvements to the speed and performance of the website which we are sure you can already tell. We are still fine tuning bits and pieces but we’re confident that this will be completed by the end of this week.
  • AddThis social sharing icons are now loaded after the website has loaded which improves page speed.

General Bug Fixes

  • Fixed login box from appearing on every page load.
  • Fixed comment margins on Community Feed page.
  • Changed comment separator border color on Community Feed page which allows easier reading.
  • Fixed background color for image upload input field on Share Art page.


With the page speed optimizations and server performance tweaks still going on, some things might act up weird. If you do experience something odd or you are having trouble logging in or viewing particular content, please contact us by using our support form.


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