Additions, Changes and Fixes.

Our Updates page will let you stay up to date with our latest website functionality additions, changes and fixes. If you ever notice something not working, please don’t be shy and give us a shout using our Support Form.

Community Update 5

Update #5

Major server speed and performance tweaks. Added new “Videos” tab for all registered users profiles and a few general bug fixes.

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Cummunity Update 4

Update #4

Users can now see if they have new messages with an icon on the top right of the website. Search is now fixed and works a lot better by distinguishing the results.

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Update #3

Users can now sign up as artists and share their own creations, use the “Share Art” feature!

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Update #2

The Favorites page images are now all working. Made a lot of changes to the Share page in terms of look and feel and functionality which makes it a lot funner and easier to use and more!

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Update #1

We opened up a new section called “Updates” this way we don’t clutter up the Community Feed. Improved Search functionality, made slight additions to the Navigation Menu and changes to the Video Thumbnails.

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