Goddess Harley’s Hot Silver Ass

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Published on October 29, 2017 by Anonymous Category Tag

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  • kaschak82 1 year ago

    Needing some BEW SMOTHER TRAINING VIDEOS BY JADA she’s ONE of the HOTTEST GIRLS YOU GUYS HAVE I really think you should use her more but give her more flexibility let her torment and torture the guy mummified with her ass and thighs and let her talk more smack to him and laugh at him and not let him up for air more let her put a pair of cuffs on him under his mummification to piss him off and make him even more immobilized or something something really sexy or put a big thick steel heavy anchor collar on his neck so he can’t lift his head up at all when she’s on his face just some ideas and can you guys please make them at least a little longer than 14 or 15 mins it’s over before it starts other than that it’s a great concept and JADA IS SO FKN HOT DOING IT but she’s just too quiet and shy about it LOVE YA JADA! hope to see more of her real soon and sexier outfits definitely let her wear her sexy thongs and how about topless for maybe at least one of them .THANK YOU KA$H 🕶🎸

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