Swallowing Elisa’s Delicious Farts

558 26:46

Published on April 8, 2018 by Spot Category Tag

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  • TooKing23 4 months ago

    The sound is still not working

    • Spot
      Spot 4 months ago

      Hey TooKink23,

      The sound does work expect between 3:54 and 4:18, just skip those 24 seconds and you should be good to go. Unfortunately the original video has a sound glitch. You know what they say, silent but violent 😀

  • TH 10 months ago

    Video isn’t working for me!

    • Spot
      Spot 10 months ago

      Hey TH, for some reason it only worked on mobile but not on PC. I re-uploaded it, should be working now. Let me know. Thanks!

  • Assphyxiation
    Assphyxiation 10 months ago

    Now thaaaat! is an ass an a half! Literally swallows her whole face, farts are so loooooong lol, she must have kept them for days just for that recording. Absolutely delicious!

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